ChickP Protein Review

ChickP Protein, a vegan Israeli food-tech firm, has begun commercial production of its 90% chickpea isolate.

A unique component is a concentrated non-GMO, allergen-free chickpea protein isolate, intended to give a nutritional boost and improved protein functionality to various products, including baked goods and gluten-free sweets.

ChickP said it has increased consistent, constant production capacity to 20 metric tons per day; or more than 5,000 metric tons yearly of protein isolate.

Based on a patented technology developed after 20 years of research at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Ram Reifen founded ChickP in 2016. Dr. Ramadoss’s primary study area is on chickpea protein isolates and chickpea starch; which he uses to fight malnutrition in moms and kids.

“We’ve built a contemporary, BRC-certified food facility where we’ve used unique technology to create high-value; clean-label chickpea protein,” said Ron Klein, CEO of ChickP.

“We’ve already received a lot of enthusiasm from major food companies, and several new clients have made production commitments in recent months.”

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Tapping North American demand

The company has recently partnered with Socius Ingredients in the United States to create a plant-based innovation market in North America.

“Socius has proven protein application experience and, with a cutting-edge technical facility in Chicago, considerable ties to plant-based product manufacturers,” Klein added.

“We’re talking with Socius about the many creative possibilities for developing chickpea protein-based prototypes as we plan ahead.”

According to the Good Food Institute (GFI), there is a strong desire for plant-based foods in the area. On 3 March 2020, the SPINS retail sales figures show that plant-based foods that directly replace animal products have increased by almost a third in the previous two years, reaching $5 billion in sales in the United States.

“The United States is rapidly becoming a major global player in meat and dairy alternatives,” Itay Dana, who has just been named VP of Sales and Business Development, to lead these efforts. Dana is a food and biotechnology expert with 15 years of experience. She previously worked as VP Marketing and Business Development at Equinom, director of New Technologies for Lycored, and Head of Food Innovation at Galam.

Soy and pea proteins are already well established in this market. However, these sources fall short of all the necessary requirements for a broader range of applications.

“Food companies are showing a willingness to experiment with plant-based protein alternatives, and the magnificent chickpea is finally getting its due credit and momentum.”

Conor Buckley, VP of Socius, claims that ChickP’s product is setting a new standard for complete protein solutions. It offers several beneficial attributes, including a rich nutritional profile, neutral flavor, and unique functional characteristics. “We’re excited to collaborate with the ChickP team to bring the organoleptic and nutritional capabilities of chickpeas to our customers.


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