How To Make Fraisier Cake At Home

Fraisier Cake

Imagine your favorite cake, only better by making Fraisier Cake! The rich vanilla flavor of the pastry cream is combined with fresh strawberries to create an unforgettable taste. A fluffy spongecake base gives way for some tasty cream on top just before being sandwiched between two layers of deliciousness – what could be more perfect?

It’s hard to find a more elegant and pretty dessert than the Fraisier cake. The use of strawberries on it makes for an unforgettable presentation, we just knew this would be one recipe you just couldn’t skip!

I absolutely love this cake! It’s so tantalizing and delicious, it looks stunning. The whipped cream layer substitute is a breathtakingly beautiful addition that makes the whole thing even more elegant than before – just perfect for your special day 🙂

Fraisier Cake- What Is It?

This is a traditional French cake is a must-try! It’s made from parts of genoise, some mousseline cream, and strawberries topped off with almond paste. The name “fraise” is gotten from the word for these juicy fruit-stuffed treats called marzipans in France – how perfect that this dessert has become so synonymous to their culture?

This cake teaches you how to make a sponge, which is what makes up most of the French pastries. The recipe also has an easy mousseline cream filling that’s perfect for beginners!

Notes on How To Make The Fraisier Cake

  • To get the perfect fraisier cake, you need a sponge that’s sweet and tender. The traditional way of making these cakes relies on eggs with flour or rice mixed in for added volume before sugar is combined to taste- so it’ll be dry without any flavor at all! To make yours special though we recommend using genoise recipes which use an alcohol-based soaking process after being cooked onto hot plates until golden browned perfection.
  • The flour is mixed into the heated oil and butter, creating a luxurious cake sponge. I discovered that using dissolved sugar can help to create an even layer!
  • Melt your chocolate: melt dark or milk chocolates in warm water before adding to mixing bowl if you are using it instead of baker’s guilt-free baking powder & yeast which will rise naturally during the cooking process
  • When making a sponge cake, it is important to be mindful of how much batter you have left. If you transfer all but one ounce from your bowl and miss some heavy parts close to the bottom due in part because they were too submerged or lost among other things then there’s less risk for error when doing this reverse procedure where everything has been drained off already before adding more ingredients back into them!

Pastry Cream- More Tips

  • This cake is so sweet and creamy thanks to this wonderful pastry cream! The traditional way of making it uses flour, but I find that cornstarch has a better ability than just thickening milk.
  • The regular pastry cream needs flour for the milk to thicken. However, I discovered that cornstarch is more effective than any other thickener and creates an appealing sweetness without getting quite clumpy or sticky like traditional sauces can get when they’re used with dairy products such as heavy CREAM!
  • To get the best results, heat your mixture with low heat before adding eggs. This will create a nice pastry cream with no lumps! Continuous stir over an open flame or hot water bath is necessary for this step so that you don’t end up burning anything – which would ruin everything else in sight too soon after all…

Ingredients For The Fraisier Cake

To Make The Genoise Cake

  • You will need 4 eggs, 60 gr (1/4 cup) caster sugar, and 100 grams plain flour. Put them all in a bowl together with 20-gram cornstarch for an Italian recipe that we hope you enjoy!

Strawberry Syrup

  • Strawberries
  • Sugar 
  • And water

To Make The Diplomate Cream

  • 2 cups Full Cream Milk 
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Paste (+water if needed)
  • Sugar
  • Egg yolks
  • Gelatin 
  • Whipped cream

You can use strawberries, almonds, or mint leaves for the fillings and toppings

Making the Genoise

  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit ( 160 Celsius). Line a flat baking sheet with aluminum foil and set it aside 
  • In the bowl of your stand mixer, combine eggs until the pale yellowish color has been reached about 5-8 minutes on high speed or by hand thoroughly mixing through flour cornstarch mixture
  • Once combined pour into the prepared dish then gently spread out onto the allotted area making sure not too much space separates between each layer as this will cause cracking when cooled down later

For The Strawberry Syrup

  • Now you’re ready for the next step! In a small pot on low heat, combine all of your ingredients.
  • Add in thawed or frozen strawberries and blend until smooth then strain through an elegant mesh sieve placed over another vessel so as not to lose any juice (you can also use a paper towel).
  • Once cooled down enough that it doesn’t boil again – pour into a container(s) waiting patiently by the sink corner where they’ll be stored until needed.

For the Diplomate Cream

  • To make the Pastry Cream, add milk to the bowl with vanilla paste/extract and orange blossom water.
  • In another mixing, dish combine eggs yolks mixed well then pour cornstarch over it all until combined before pouring back into the pot on low heat while constantly whisking for 30 seconds more at time interval after each addition has been made until reach pancake stage (thick).
  • To make the perfect cream-based filling, you need to start with good-quality ingredients. We recommend using Gelatine Powder and Cold Water for this recipe because it will help ensure your result is smooth as silk!
  • After dissolving both items in a small bowl or tray (depending on how big of an area that needs to be used), add them together into one compass point near-boiling water before putting back onto the stovetop heat source waiting patiently until everything comes back around again – don’t forget about those grams though 😉
  • Once cooked thoroughly but still light feeling without any toothpastey aftertastes at all.

Assembling The Fraisier Cake

  1. The best way to enjoy your fraisier cake is by cutting it into thin layers. This will give you more surface area for strawberries and cream!
  2. Start with trimming off any crusty bits at the top before slicing through these 7-inch discs of sponge goodness into two perfect circles – one as a bottom layer inside our acetate ring, then place another piece on either side only halfway down from where they meet together in order not miss out anything there’s space left over between them once filled up.
  3. Fill all those little gaps created while making room Not every flavor fits just right so feel free t add some extra sweetener or even yogurt if needed.
  4. Fill your pastry cream into a circular shape in the cake’s center, arranging whole strawberries around it until they are all flattened against each other at their base. Fill up any gaps with whipped cream before placing another layer of sponge on top and repeating steps 2-6 above – this time using an acetate strip or baking paper instead so you can remove them once more after decorating your masterpiece! Once everything has been set nicely place it back inside the fridge overnight if not sooner; I recommend 3–4 hours but anything over 4 is not cool.  You can check our recipes on Kamut bread Reheating your bread, how to make brioche donuts.


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