Kitchen Canisters Sets

The Best Kitchen Canisters Sets

the-best-kitchen-canisters[Updated 1 June 2020]Actually, if I’m being totally truthful, none of this would have happened but for a friend asking which kitchen canisters sets would make a perfect wedding gift.

Having spent a week clearing kitchen cupboards and boosting trade at the hand-me-up, with breaks in between to pick and dry more tomatoes, one is entitled to a treat and shopping, well…

She knows I waste way too much time and money buying gadgets to cook with. Ha! Wrong on this occasion, because mostly I use ziplock bags or mason jars to keep dried food in, it really is best stored in the dark.

But I can always be tempted online to see what’s on offer, which is probably where my time if not the money gets wasted!

The Main Problem With Kitchen Canisters Is?

Looks aren’t everything and the main problem with canisters is getting an airtight seal either at all, or without spending precious minutes trying to get the lid in the only position it will shut – how many nails have you broken like that?

You do need to read reviews because this is where people are never backward in coming forward. We all know marketers write reviews, mainly the positive ones – but they don’t complain about what they are selling, so grumbles tend to be genuinely from unhappy buyers.

Well, it took a while but eventually, she went away happily with several sets to choose from and a large bag of dehydrated tomatoes but left me with that persistent itch only buying what you spotted (and now covert) can properly scratch.

There are some very enticing kitchen storage canisters which not only keep produce fresh and dry, they can also revitalize a tired kitchen decor or add intense color splashes right where you want them. My friend was right, a decent set of kitchen canisters also make a great wedding gift – be honest, can you ever have enough storage receptacles for use in the kitchen?

Chic, Stylish, Colorful And Affordable

signature-sorrento-canister-setThese beautiful ruby red canisters by Signature Housewares are part of the Sorrento Collection. They also come in lovely soft moss green and a less vibrant ivory white.

I’d guess there is some fragility about these as they are basically stoneware, but dishwasher and microwave safe means they are durable and reviews largely agree.

Whether these strikes an immediate chord probably depends on your color scheme and they would suit mine just fine.

With more items in the collection, this set makes a good wedding present (just check with a family member on color), which the couple can add to if they like a coordinated kitchen look.

There are one or two moans about the seals not fitting well enough, but if this happens the company replace without question, to me that says one or two slip through quality control and human nature is to complain rather than offer compliments!

Tramontina Kitchen Canisters – Set Of 4 Plus Scoops

tramontina-kitchen-canistersMy husband gave me a set of these Tramontina Kitchen Canisters two or maybe three years ago, he bought them on a business trip away.

If that sounds romantic. it was, but he may have had another motive!

It could also have been because the kitchen counters were being overwhelmed by boxes – I was in a fruit tea phase and things did get a bit cluttered.

You should never check on what a gift cost, but of course I did and the Tramontina Kitchen Canisters are expensive, they feel like they are too. These canisters are a cooks delight, finished in gleaming stainless steel, this is a set of four airtight containers with long-lasting silicone seals which you can replace – mine are still as good as new.

The lids are tempered glass with a steel framework and knob, they claim to be heat resistant and shatterproof – but I’ve not tested either yet,  even by mistake! To compliment them and included are four measuring scoops for 2 tablespoons, a 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 1 full cup.

Complimentary to virtually any kitchen decor or color scheme, these make a lovely and high quality wedding gift – we gave a set of Tramontina kitchen canisters to a much loved friend last summer, she wouldn’t take money for work done to help me out with the kids, but was delighted with these as a thank you.


Stylish And Unique Kitchen Canisters (aka I must have these!)

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The set above is newish in – or at least they weren’t there when we looked and I love them. With little scallops on the lid edges and that beautiful Caribbean sea blue,  to me, these are a real taste of summer all year round and now I’ve seen them I’ve bought a set.

unusual-kitchen-canisters-stylish-tooAll three ceramic kitchen canisters sets are designed by Nancy Green and are absolutely the most vibrant of all those we looked at – and I want them, did from the second we saw them.


They are a good size, all of them roughly average when compared to other sets and although it doesn’t say, a bit of poking about yields the truth – they come in 44 ounces, 64 ounces 80-ounce and 104 ounces for the largest. I’ll have ordered a set before the day is out I swear it – at least I will if I can make up my mind which color combination I like best – I’m sooo tempted to grab a set for our bathroom to keep soap and bath crystals in, the top set would look perfect. Which of these would you go for?


Polder Are Inexpensive And Nice Looking

polder-stainless-steel-canisters-with-a-window-300x213If you landed on this page needing kitchen canisters and you don’t care what they look like (they just need to work and preferably not cost too much) checkout these Polder Canisters.

Finished in stainless steel they are inexpensive yet look good and will stay looking good – they don’t smash either!

My mom has a set of these and keeps tea, instant coffee, and sugar in them. She’s had them for years and the seals are as good as when they were bought. These also work well if you love stainless steel but like to see how much is left. A nice inexpensive first home gift as well.


OXO Good Grips Kitchen Storage – Smart & Good Value For Money

oxo-good-grips-canistersI’ve got a set of these Oxo Good Grips Canistersthough mine are an older version with a harder square shape and a red band, not blue.

Nevertheless, they are very similar and represent good quality airtight canisters which will last for years.

Featured is a set of 5 – not six as pictured, but you can buy others to match and buy them one at a time, including a large canister which is ideal for flour and what I use mine for. They are also perfect for storing pasta, cupcakes, dried herbs, anything really.

Although they aren’t glass and don’t pretend to be, these are far smarter and more stylish than the images portray. Being almost perfectly clear the contents are visible – something a lot of people prefer.

There are about 600 different canister sets at Amazon alone so a few hundred more out there somewhere if you keep looking…

For me the best kitchen canisters for efficiency and clean sleek style are Tramontina and nothing else comes close – if you can afford them, you’ll be pleased you did.

I’m totally besotted with the colors in the Nancy Green canister sets above. But whether they’ll keep tea, coffee, sugar or flour dry remains to be seen – watch this space for an update – The update is that they do indeed have a good tight seal and work just as well with bath salts as coffee beans.

Which would I buy on a budget? The OXO here, simply because I know they’ll last for years and keep their looks for longer than one or two brands I could mention.


Libby Shaped Glass Canister Set Of 4

Libbey-Vibe-42-Ounce-Glass-Storage-JarsIf I didn’t have a dog and I wasn’t clumsy I’d love a set of these on the counter – the Libby Shaped Glass Canisters have the sort of smooth shape that makes you want to pick them up and handle them.

What’s also great about the Libby range of canisters, is range and choice – there are matching canisters in different sizes including a set of 12 spice jars, now these look like ideal gifts for keen cooks and useful stocking fillers at Christmas.

If you’re hunting for a wedding present or first home gift, you can spend as little as you want on one set, or buy several different sizes and kit out the couple with enough canisters to store most of what they want – these really are nice and good value at the price.

Reviewers generally love them, though one or two don’t trust the seal as airtight. Personally, if I get a set with dodgy seals I’d ask for them to be replaced, with a 4.7-star approval rating, they can’t be that bad.


Oggi EZ Grip Handle Red Ceramic Canisters

Oggi-EZ-Grip-Handle-Canister-Set-300x201Oggi does a lot of kitchenware right across the price range, including these Oggi Grip Handle Canisters sets, many of which are plain acrylic and very good value for money.

However, these trendy red canisters are highly decorative and will add hot color wherever they go. I bought these as a gift last Christmas on behalf of a small group of us, to say thanks to a colleague for help given.

We took them out of the box to check them over before wrapping and I know others liked them too – I suspect a few more sets found their way into kitchens as Christmas gifts from Santa.


Pictured in hot chili red, they also come in other colors including shiny black. Are they good canisters and airtight? Yes, the report back was very favorable as are the reviews which led me to buy them in the first place. Highly recommended.

There are hundreds of different kitchen canisters sets and we picked out just a few. If these don’t tick your boxes, then at least you know which brands tend to have airtight seals – cuts down on the reviews you need to wade through!

I’d love to hear what you think – or if you can add to the above list, drop a comment below.

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