Kitchen Remodeling Guide: Tips & Advice

A well-organized, efficient kitchen is a necessary component of any home. You’ll have to complete several basic steps:

  1. Hiring;
  2. Planning;
  3. Budgeting;
  4. Coping with it.

Let’s go through each stage in the kitchen remodeling checklist and look at different renovation hacks.

Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor


The most frequently reported renovation projects were kitchen and dining room redesigning and remodeling. Finding the right contractor is the hardest thing for dummies. Ask around for recommendations from your trusted friends and neighbors about their own experiences with kitchen remodeling. Browse through forums and web reviews. Here are some things to think about while looking for a professional to do Advanced Remodeling.

Three Basic Steps

  1. Examine the previous projects carried out by the potential contractor since an excellent track record does not always indicate an excellent overall reputation. Find out about the contractor’s most recent projects.
  2. Try to find a chance to see a contractor’s job in the process. Before signing a contract, you’ll be able to assess the quality and neatness of the work.
  3. The best kitchen remodeling contractors are usually the busiest. Take your time to get it right.


  1. Start with valid insurance documents. A reputable contractor is prepared to accept responsibility for his work and be prepared to cover the damages if anything goes wrong.
  2. Find out what licenses you’ll need to obtain in your city. Kitchen remodeling without a permit may lead to significant problems, so check with your state and municipal authorities.
  3. Pay attention to the contractor’s behaviors – he should respect his clients, be punctual, and be capable of dealing with construction and renovation issues independently.
  4. Ensure the sticks to his plan and doesn’t modify the layout or materials throughout the process.
  5. Follow your timetable and budget. The work should be done slowly without any delay as a pro plans everything in advance.
  6. Crises are a possibility, so don’t be too quick to panic if something goes wrong. A sensible contractor will solve everything quickly.

Refreshment, Responsibility & Respect

These are the 3 R’s of successful communication with a contractor. Offer the staff some soft drinks or coffee for refreshment. Don’t get in the way of the remodeling process, especially in the kitchen, and do the same to keep your kids and pets responsible for the quiet renovation process. Please be kind and don’t discuss politics or family concerns. If you following these three basic guidelines will ensure that your cooperation in the kitchen remodeling process runs smoothly.

IMPORTANT! Never pay for anything that has not been completed since you’ll regularly meet the contractor. Please don’t pay the contractor until he has completed his work. You only pay when you are satisfied completely with the results. Examine and test the plumbing and electricity and any other components, including doors and drawers. Don’t forget to add the warranty and the contractor’s final payment affidavit to ensure that your money is secure and you won’t be accused of non-payment.

If You Do Kitchen Remodeling Yourself

The DIY option is never restricted, and you can easily tackle kitchen remodeling if you have a little bit of experience and a few skills. This part of the tutorial is for handy homeowners who want to renovate their homes without hiring others to do it for them.

The initial thing to remember is that all materials required should be pre-ordered and delivered on time before you begin the demolition. Otherwise, you’ll deal with the kitchen’s construction for weeks or even months. Do you have everything you’ll need? OK, time to move on to the first step of kitchen remodeling that you can do yourself and save money.



Suppose you decide to get rid of walls or add additional doors and windows but have no idea how to position your electrical and plumbing. Hire a professional who will show you where you can use a sledgehammer and where this is impossible or calls for additional planning. Your first consultation will be quite inexpensive. This will save you from possible mistakes.



If you’ve never done tile flooring before but have some renovation experience, you can simply tile your kitchen floors and walls on your own. Use the biggest tiles possible if you want to accomplish it faster. Plus, larger floor tiles will help you save money on grout. Keep in mind that tiles also require proper preparation and underlayment materials. This information isn’t secret and may be found in many kitchen remodeling blogs.



Prepare the walls before you grab the brush. Keep in mind that preparing walls generally takes longer than painting. You can also paint the cabinets this way, and you’ll keep them looking fresh and get rid of various structural imperfections that appear during the cooking process.



Spend a little money updating the drawer and cabinet doors’ pulls and knobs. If you plan to replace cabinets, replace the pulls and knobs first. The most affordable knob will be beneficial for you when compared with costly ones.

Smart Kitchen Remodeling Layout

Your kitchen-remodeling checklist should include:

  • A detailed scale drawing of the kitchen before it is renovated, including doors and windows, plumbing, and electrical components.
  • There is a list of basic kitchen remodeling necessities (additional storage space, more lighting, or style).
  • You should receive a folder of suggestions (before and after pictures of the kitchen you like, desired materials, decorative elements, ideas, and pleasant kitchen furniture designs).

Be patient and learn to gather everything you’ll need for the remodeling as soon as possible. You’ll save money by conducting thorough research. Last-minute buying for furniture, cooking equipment, and supplies will disrupt the process and duplicate your expenses.

Once you’re ready with the cabinets and materials, proceed to the construction schedule. When you’re doing your kitchen renovation with a contractor, make sure you know every detail of the plan. In the middle of the process, don’t add anything new.

Get on well with the people who are working on your project. You should be open and ready to prevent any possibility of misunderstanding at all times. Every professional helping you with your kitchen remodel should be aware of your plans. All subcontractors must work in a team for the most effective results.

When renovating the kitchen, keep in mind that a smart kitchen remodeling design will provide a pleasant family area for delicious meals and beautiful memories.

Speaking of the Cabinets

Fast kitchen remodeling may be handled by using basic stock cabinets. They are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to install. They are almost always in stock and are usually delivered all at once. Their low cost is due to their basic appearance. The main disadvantage is that you’ll have a very limited number of designs to choose from.

If you’re a more advanced homeowner, you might want to consider semi-custom kitchen cabinets present in a wider range of styles. That’s a more expensive choice, but you’ll have the option to add costly features to your kitchen renovation’s overall design: glass doors, moldings, and side panels. Furthermore, you’ll have a lot of color choices. Cabinets like this are often pre-ordered.

If you’re going for an extreme kitchen makeover, choose custom cabinets that fit all spaces and preferences. However, they’ll cost you a fortune, so they’ll be customized to the smallest details. Remember, when you invest in kitchen furnishings like this, you get high-quality and long-lasting products. That’s a fantastic investment for a family house. If you want to remodel your kitchen for resale, stock cabinets are better.


Consider the appropriate material if you have a restricted budget. There are several alternatives to choose from:



It’s the cheapest option. Budget countertops are also manufactured from laminate, and it is a neutral, naturally friendly concept. It’s made out of flat panels and can’t be reshaped. However, minimalist minimalistic laminate panels will appear trendy and neat if you’re a devotee of simplicity.



The cover is constructed of the same material as laminate. Because it securely wraps the cabinet doors, you have a wider range of design choices. You may get beautiful kitchen cabinets with simple maintenance for a reasonable price.



If you plan to use oak cabinets and stone flooring in your kitchen remodel, you should be aware that it is the most expensive choice available. Even so, it will appear elegant and comfortable. Wood is easily painted and stained. The pattern of natural wood products varies depending on the type of wood you pick. The price range is huge, and the color and design options are numerous.

Take the initiative to discover what’s new in kitchen remodeling so you can bring innovation and usefulness to your cooking and dining area. There is a ton of kitchen hardware available in the market. Combine your cabinets with decorative elements such as raised glass panels, valances, corbels, useful shelves, towel rings, hooks, and custom knobs.

The drawers are worth noting because they are rather often used. Consider choosing metal glides. They are more stable and last longer than plastic ones.

Half of the kitchen-remodeling budget will be spent on cabinetry. So, be sure to buy the furniture before you finish your kitchen renovation.

Short Kitchen Remodeling Questionnaire

Here are five questions to help you develop kitchen remodeling design ideas.

First: How many individuals spend the most amount of time in the kitchen?

  1. More than two;
  2. One;
  3. None.

Second: What is your attitude toward cooking?

  1. Devoted;
  2. Casual;
  3. Neutral.

Third: Who else could be in the kitchen?

  1. Regular weekend guests are invited for night parties.
  2. Your whole family uses the kitchen for all except playing team sports.
  3. None except for you and your microwave dinners.

Fourth: How clean do you want your kitchen to be?

  1. Extremely neat.
  2. Cleanliness isn’t as important as agility because there’s a lot of activity in your kitchen.
  3. Automatic recycling systems would be perfect.

Fifth: Which of the following three plush items would you choose?

  1. A big Viking range stove with six burners;
  2. A built-in office desk with the family computer;
  3. A microwave with a self-cleaning function.

Do you have more A’s?

A professional kitchen remodeling design is essential. You’ll need a huge fridge and a huge cooker. Cabinets and countertops installed with glass doors may be used to display the contents. Finally, you’ll need adequate illumination to lighten each dark corner. Hardwood or linoleum are the only options for flooring in your kitchen since you’ll be standing on it for a long time every day.

Do you have more B’s?

You require functionality. Your kitchen remodeling ideas should include many counter space and storage options. The microwave should be placed next to a counter or table where the kids can easily use it. You should also consider energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Make a point of hiding the clutter. Your kitchen is set up for everyday family activities.

Do you have more C’s?

You tend to be practical. Clean lines and sensibility are required. You only need basic equipment with recycling facilities. Invest in a dishwasher. Your basic kitchen will be perfect if you are not planning your space as a family home. Top-quality basic devices of excellent quality will enhance the value of your kitchen and attract potential customers.

Kitchen DIY Remodeling Mistakes

If you do not want to waste your money, you must carefully follow the remodeling or renovation order of work. Whether you’re on a low or high budget, you’ll never achieve your goals if you don’t stick to the fundamental kitchen remodeling rules and research each topic thoroughly. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes:

Mistake 1: Setting the Trifles Aside

Storage solutions in a kitchen that is being redesigned need to go beyond the basic layout and include basic features and many additional proper storage places. Add pegboards, shelves, nesting tables, cubbies, magnetic racks, and other storage solutions to the drawers. Also, add top pieces of cabinets to store items you only use for specific events.

Mistake 2: Forgetting Concerning the Kitchen “Work Triangle”

It consists of a refrigerator, sink, and stove. These kitchen appliances should be efficiently located. These components are typically located in a triangle-shaped position throughout all effective kitchen remodeling projects.

Mistake 3: Useless Counter Space

Add more countertop space. Get extra shelves and corbels in your local kitchen remodeling store to make the countertops wider and more spacious.

Mistake 4: Doing Everything on Your Own

You may create everything with your own hands using various kitchen remodeling DIY suggestions on sites for dummies in building, construction, and renovation. However, a high-quality remodeling results from professionally arranged follow-up steps and plans. Invest in kitchen remodeling assistance from a professional. An expert home renovation professional will advise you in determining where to begin. If you use this approach, you won’t have to correct errors on the run.

Mistake 5: Forgetting About Protection

Take care of debris, paint stains, and unwanted scratches. Cover the furniture with huge sheets; tape them together to keep them in place. Get a huge roll of duct tape and cover everything. Invest in polyethylene plastic sheets to cover the floor and walls, with a 15-centimeter overlap.

Mistake 6: Ignoring Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

This is an important issue in sensible renovation on a reasonable budget because a well-renovated kitchen is one of the huge investments in the value of your home. Note that about a third of your money will be spent on refurbishing kitchen cabinets.

Mistake 7: Getting Past Possible Upgrades

If you want to increase the value of your home and begin upgrading the kitchen to sell it, add useful facilities to the basic space. If you’re building this home to be a long-term family residence, it’s especially essential. Make a list of activities you and your family undertake in the kitchen and arrange it to fit your lifestyle.

Mistake 8: Appliances as a Last Resort

Make sure you buy them first since a smart kitchen makeover will not be successful without plumbing and electricity. Furthermore, installing suitable furnishings is simpler than finding appropriate appliances for the furniture already installed.

Mistake 9: Skimping on Ergonomic Storage Solutions

To clear up the clutter, use storage containers for the open areas, add additional cabinets above the window, utilize hooks for mugs, and install pullout pantries or organizers. One of the most creative kitchen renovation ideas for tiny houses is to install swing stools that conveniently disappear when not in use. Pullout cutting boards with a trash can underneath are not only about saving space, but they’re also about improving the efficiency of your cooking process.

Mistake 10: Ignoring Spaces Underneath

Under the cabinets, install toe-kick storage drawers. You can use them for items you do not use regularly.

Update Your Kitchen without Remodeling

This is typically inexpensive, and it’s simple to do independently. Furthermore, a weekend is sufficient for a little upgrade. It’s simple because you won’t have to remove the walls or cabinets. A fast kitchen upgrade can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Paint the cabinets. If they’re in decent shape, that’s the most cost-effective approach to freshen their appearance. You should refinish your wood with a fresh coat of paint to hide the stains and scratches. You have too many options when it comes to color, but neutral tones like gray, white, or creamy are recommended by kitchen remodeling advice. Don’t forget to clean the cabinets ahead of time – remove any fat stains before they accumulate. If they’re made of natural wood, dust them with a clean cloth and sand them.
  2. To make your kitchen appear more energetic and exciting, paint the walls in brighter colors. Make the walls more durable by giving them a semi-gloss finishing.
  3. Replace the cabinet hardware in your kitchen. A single small step may make a huge impact on the room’s overall appearance. Add an update to your kitchen’s appearance by combining it with a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets.
  4. Replace the lighting. Under the cabinets, add more illumination and LED garlands to brighten your kitchen.
  5. The moldings on the cabinets should be removed or replaced. Plain-looking cabinets look more attractive and are easier to clean.
  6. If you have bar stools, change or renew them.

More Useful Kitchen Remodeling Tips

  • Customize your kitchen counters. Using different heights for the counters can be a way to split up the work area into distinct zones for food preparation and keeping meals ready to cook. Use taller kitchen counters with expanded countertops to create a bar space.
  • Use soft materials for the flooring. Rubber, cork, or wood are comfortable for legs. If you have stone or ceramic tile, use soft rag rugs or mats in specific kitchen areas.
  • There are fewer doors and more drawers. Cookware-sized drawers are a lot cleaner than messy cabinets.
  • Cabinets with flip-over doors from Europe can be added to your kitchen. They are more practical than the ones that are open to the side.
  • Don’t forget about the storage space right beneath the cabinets, and make sure there are several different heights of electrical outlets.
  • Put up wall hangers for utensils to the left if you are right-handed.


Where to start?

Start by choosing professional workers. However, you’ll also need to look for the following things in addition to your kitchen remodeling contractor:

An electrician

It is simple to install lighting elements. If you don’t want accidental fires, power outages, or malfunctioning appliances in your kitchen, rely on an experienced electrician to find electrical outlets, sockets, and wiring.

A plumber

Installing a new faucet or dishwasher is difficult for a novice. Find someone to deal with plumbing hardware if you don’t want to study kitchen remodeling guides for dummies and waste time on an unanticipated consequence. Plus, a plumber will help you figure out the basics of your renovation plan. Remember that your renewal should begin with the installation of plumbing and electrical services. The first things to go are appliances. The furniture follows after that.

A tilework professional

You can cut tiles on your own, and there is no need to purchase any equipment. You may borrow it – simply look for the advertisements in your district. If you’ve spent the majority of your budget on high-end furniture and appliances, don’t try to save money by using cheaper flooring. Instead, hire a professional who can create a kitchen remodeling plan and suggest better materials.

A countertop fabricator

He will take the measurements and assist you with solid granite or quartz worktops.

Start to finish

Be consistent and intelligent. Ask Yourself one Question: Why Do I Need Remodeling? If you do this work and it improves the lives of your family, you should begin doing it only if absolutely necessary and if you’re thinking of selling your house, don’t spend too much money on the kitchen. However, if you ignore overall home remodeling and invest only in the kitchen, it won’t add value to your house.

Will kitchen remodeling add value?

Kitchen remodeling can be a beneficial investment if you do it correctly and appeal to the majority of people. It implies that a kitchen adds value to your property when you sell it. Sometimes, spend your money on usefulness rather than a one-of-a-kind art-deco design since each client has his or her own kitchen remodeling concept. Your kitchen and your home will attract potential buyers case if you:

  • Contact knowledgeable real estate agencies to find out what issues buyers may be interested in your neighborhood.
  • Stick to simplicity in materials, design, and colors.
  • Avoid exotic and luxurious elements.
  • Add space to your kitchen by widening the space and getting rid of unwanted walls and dividers.
  • Pullout pantries, light corners and under cabinets, and countertops made of high-quality stone are just a few of the convenient features that can add value to your home.
  • Choose quartz or granite for countertops.

How does kitchen remodeling cost, and how to afford it?

The cost may differ based on your demands, which are completely dependent on your requirements. If you’ve already completed the questions in the short quiz above, you’re probably clear on what you want out of your kitchen remodeling project. Follow these tips to save money on your remodel and cut corners:

  • At the end of the season, you will save money on appliances if you purchase them in late autumn.
  • If they don’t have any structural damage, consider purchasing refurbished appliances.
  • Plus, you can get appliance pricing as well as quantity discounts and buy all appliances in one place at Amazon.
  • Purchase door and window frames from local businesses to save up to twenty percent.
  • Keep in mind that some kitchen furniture shops provide free planning services; they’ll take the dimensions of your kitchen and create a scale plan for you.
  • Buy granite for countertops and tiling directly from a supplier.

Keep in mind that a kitchen makeover never costs less than you expect. Prepare for the fact that you’ll almost certainly have to pay at least 20% more once the project is finished.

How to calculate kitchen remodeling costs?

Don’t spend more than your home can support if you truly want to add value to the focal point of your home. The most accurate method to track your expenses is to compute the overall cost of your house and stick to a spending limit of no more than 10% of the property value. This will be the principal amount for sensible renewal. was started with the goal of being your go-to kitchen gadget resource. In addition to sharing up-to-date buying guides, product reviews, and how-to articles, we look to share healthy food recipes as well as tips for cleaning and maintenance, gift ideas, and many other useful ideas to decorate your kitchen with minimum effort and price.

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