Add Fresh Pizazz With Lime Green Kitchen Accessories

Lime-Green-Kitchen-Accessories[Updated 1 June 2020]Kitchen décor tends to be either old fashioned farmhouse style with plenty of warm wood or trendy sleek lines with shiny stainless steel reflecting light back and plenty of white.

The one thing they all have in common is a good marriage with lime green kitchen accessories, possibly because though the color is strong, it’s a very natural one and gives a citrusy boost to everything – try adding touches of lemon too.

Fresh and vibrant, if you’re looking to give a seasonal lift to the way your kitchen looks, lime green is one of the best ways to do it – and let’s be honest, we’ll all be spending more time in the kitchen next month, so we may as well like being there!

You can find literally hundreds of kitchen gadgets and accessories in various shades of bright green and the wonderful thing with natural colors like this, is all the subtle shade differences melt away. One of the main reasons people stick to black is they don’t want to have a bunch of disparate colors making the kitchen look cluttered, alternatively, they only buy matching sets, even if half the pieces aren’t wanted.

Chef’n Kitchen Gadgets

Chefn-SleekStor-Pinch-Pour-Collapsible-Measuring-CupsOne company has lime green in most of its kitchen gadgets and accessories and that’s Chef’n, which is where I’d probably start if looking for items such as these Chef’n SleekStor Pinch Pour Collapsible Measuring Cups, Arugula Color which fold flat in a draw.

There are garlic slicers. a very good mandoline slicer with bright green, mixing bowls, tongs, you name it, Chef’n makes it and it probably includes lime green!

Chef’n makes quality products aimed at keen home cooks and many of them are innovative and clever as well as cool to look at. The Chef’n SleekStor Pinch Pour Prep Bowls, Arugula Color, they come in several sets – all different colors, and there’s another set in lime green which like the spoons, has a lighter shade then yellow.

The bowls may not look it, but they’re flexible so you can pour easily from them – these are perfect for holding ingredients when you’re making a curry or any meal with lots of spices. Anything, not porcelain is also ideal for kids to use – they won’t break so safe for everyone and a great choice for mom’s little helper trainee chef! Personally, I avoid anything that can slip out of greasy or wet hands and then hold everything up while you spend twenty minutes clearing up every sharp shard – they sure can explode on impact with the floor, can’t they!

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Gadgets

Joseph-Folding-ColanderA recent post here discussing fold flat collapsible colanders includes my Joseph Joseph Folding Colander, Green which was bought purely for the wow of its bright lime green color – it looks so inviting filled with new shiny apples or freshly pulled carrots I often keep it out on the counter, because it really is so  bright – pretty much the same as the silicone trivet here pictured at the top.

This company make a lot of great gadgets for the kitchen and many are in lime green or a bright green that blends in well – remember if you find something on Amazon you like, put the description back into the search bar and add the color you want, then try a search – oftentimes products with other colors in the range don’t actually show them – frustrating and you can miss exactly what you were looking for.

The Joseph Joseph Flume Folding Draining Mat, Green here is very bright, the splash of green on the draining board. Depending on the color you have in mind, the Joseph Joseph C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser, White is less lime colored –  but the best match for my accessories and a very user-friendly sterile way of getting soap when you’ve been handling meat.

Joseph Joseph is another kitchen accessory company who don’t make cheap useless items, they are reasonably priced good quality gadgets for the kitchen and another productive place to start looking for gifts – some magical stocking fillers are hidden amongst the pages of Amazon you know!

However, I’ve got to own up to having taken my jazzy bright soap dispenser into work having bought a new one for the kitchen. Finally, we’ve found a sensor operated model which doesn’t drip and doesn’t fire soap into the room at random. If like me you loath smelly slimy drips to clean up, go checkout this review post on the Simplehuman Soap Dispenser, I think this has to be my best kitchen gadget buy of 2013.


Imagine for a moment if you will, a world with no green Without the abundance of greens all around us Even in towns trees offer all the thousands of greens in the summer. Birds, flowers, fruits to frogs, a myriad of green cradling our vision. Green restores calm, offers balance – energy, provides a sanctuary, and promises rebirth of the spring. Can you imagine a world without green?Anonymous

Bread Isn’t Boring!

the-stelton-bread-bag-300x238As a table centerpiece especially for outdoor barbeques and parties or simply for supper, take a look at my most recent find for serving sourdough bread or any other round loaf not baked in the bread machine – you can find it featured here in the bread bags for homemade bread post.

Though not strictly lime green, it makes a bold statement on the table and just about everyone who sees it has liked it, so far anyway. I’ve also used it for garlic bread (line the canvas with foil first or face everything smelling of garlic until you wash it).

Because it has a closeable top, you can keep bread on the table outdoors away from bugs, and also keep bread warm without going soft and soggy too – one of my best buys ever for a low price.

Make My Day Kitchen Accessories

If you are looking for lime green kitchen accessories as a gift or for yourself, take a look at Make My Day products – there are some awesome lime green offerings.

Make-My-Day-Tea-Cube-Ceramic-TeapotFrom spatula’s to mixing bowl scrapers and a very vivid trivet, any one of them will add wow to your décor. I’ve fallen totally in love with this Make My Day Tea Cube Ceramic Teapot with Infuser, Lime with Black Accent – just look at the color! It also comes in sparkling white with a green lid leaf detail replacing the black.

Put this Make My Day Gorgeous Trivet, Apple on your kitchen counter with the teapot in white, for an elegant dash of color which won’t overpower everything else. Writing this post and looking at my own kitchen from a different angle has opened up several ideas – I’ll reiterate what was said above – Amazon is a treasure trove, but you have to go looking.

When I finish this post I’m going to order one for hubby’s Aunt – usually, the last Christmas gift bought because she already has everything, I just know this will be a hit – result!

With kitchen accessories in bright colors like this, you only need a few pieces to get the effect you want – which in my kitchen means all the old stained but still incredibly useful peelers, choppers and spatulas can go into a draw out of sight. was started with the goal of being your go-to kitchen gadget resource. In addition to sharing up-to-date buying guides, product reviews, and how-to articles, we look to share healthy food recipes as well as tips for cleaning and maintenance, gift ideas, and many other useful ideas to decorate your kitchen with minimum effort and price.

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