Mexican Spaghetti: How To Make it At Home


One of my all-time favorite one-pot meals, Mexican Spaghetti, adds a little “spice” to your dining table while saving you time during a hectic weeknight. Save it for later by pinning it to your DINNER BOARD! If you’re time-strapped, this is a quick and easy supper using one of my all-time favorite one-pot recipes: Mexican Spaghetti. It adds a little spice to your dinner table while saving you time during a hectic weeknight. One of my house’s more frequently used dishes is this Mexican Spaghetti, also known as fideo.

What is Mexican Spaghetti?

In Spanish, fideo means “noodle,” and genuine Mexican spaghetti is prepared using the pilaf method. The noodles are toasted, sautéed with aromatics, then cooked in a combination of tomatoes, water or broth, and Mexican spices.

There’s a tomato-free Mexican spaghetti with sour cream and ham – the delicious Spaniard dish known as spaghetti a la crema con jamón. My version includes green chilies, corn, and thick ground beef with a generous sprinkling of melting cheese on top.

I’m guessing that the toasting step, which I omit in my recipe, tends to make the final dish greasier than I’d like. However, it still has all of the robust tastes you’d anticipate from combining Italian and Mexican cuisines, which is what makes Mexican spaghetti fideo so delicious. It’s like a Mexican spaghetti casserole on crack, with all of the ingredients you could want in one big dish!

How do you make Mexican spaghetti?

This simple Mexican Spaghetti dish starts with diced onions and ground beef that have been cooked together. The conventional ground beef combination (70% lean to 30% fat) works well here, as well as a nice fresh chuck. Simply make sure you drain the grease away after everything is brown to avoid the “greasy” problem I spoke of earlier.

To complete our effortless pasta dinner, we’ll use the flavorful base for cooking it in. Of course, there are tomatoes in the Mexican Spaghetti sauce, and I prefer a mix of cubed tomatoes (with their juice!) and hot tomato sauce.

We’ll get great red chunks, as well as some silky, less tangy sauce to help thicken everything because of this. I also like to add a touch of sweetness with corn. Now it’s time to add the other ingredients and add some “Mexican” flavor!

Steps I follows

  1. Taco seasoning mix is easy, so I always start with it. This is one of the famous and my favorite store-bought time-savers since it has all you need to make a Mexican meal! I have many items on hand for taco expeditions: onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, paprika, and oregano. Fast meals like tacos or burritos require little preparation time but are healthy enough to eat as often as you please (but not every day).
  2. The next ingredient on the list is canned green chilies, and they provide just the right amount of spiciness to this recipe.
  3. This isn’t a poblano-heavy Mexican green spaghetti dish with so many poblanos, cilantro, and tomatillos that it resembles something Dr. Seuss would write a book about; nevertheless, there’s enough of a bit of kick to notice.
  4. I also like to add hatch chilies because I enjoy things spicily, and I’ve been known to toss in an extra can to up the heat a little.
  5. That’s it! Simply add the pasta to a large mixing bowl, drain any excess water if necessary, and toss with the sauce.
  6. This stovetop recipe for pasta is one of the most clever methods to prepare it since it eliminates the need for pre-boiling in a separate dish (you know, another dish that will have to be washed). Still, it also means that the pasta will absorb all of the other tastes present in this meal instead of simply salted water.
  7. The sauce will look thin at this point, but it will thicken as the noodles get softened and some of the starch absorbed to reduce it.
  8. Even if you’re making Mexican spaghetti, you’ll need cheese. This isn’t a cheesy, rich dish like some Velveeta Rotel versions of Mexican spaghetti (similar to my Chicken Spaghetti but with beef). Instead, we’ll use it as a gloopy topping once the pasta is ready.
  9. I like to sprinkle a nice medium-to-mild cheddar on top rather than having big rivers of cheese running through it with all the strong seasonings in this meal.
  10. I enjoy experimenting with different cheeses and using a pepper jack instead of cheddar on occasion (let there be heat!).

This is one of my favorite Mexican Spaghetti recipes because it’s tough to beat, and even picky eaters will call it “a keeper.” You may always provide a green salad as a side (with excellent cilantro, lime vinaigrette, YUM!), but it’s a fantastic meal on its own. It’s easy to combine taco night with everyone’s favorite pasta and turn it into everyone’s new favorite weekday supper!

Few tips for cooking Mexican Spaghetti

You may easily substitute ground turkey or chicken in this dish if you don’t like ground beef. You may also transform this into Mexican Chicken Spaghetti by using leftover chicken chunks (or a rotisserie chicken from the shop).

You may use whatever type of pasta you’d like in this recipe; however, if you choose the whole wheat option, add a cup of water and a few minutes to the cooking time.

You can make a Mexican spaghetti squash version by using specialized zucchini noodles. Leave the water in the recipe and cook it until all flavors have blended.

Toss it with overcooked spaghetti squash shreds or blanched vegetable pasta instead of actual spaghetti.

If you use taco seasoning as much as I do, it may be worth making up a large batch from scratch to keep on hand. There are various recipes available on the internet, and you should have all of the ingredients in your kitchen already.

The homemade variety allows you to customize the seasonings to your liking, such as lowering the salt or increasing (or reducing!) the heat. You’ll need around 2 Tablespoons of a homemade mix in place of a packet to get the same results.


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