Amazing Ideas That Can Be Used As A Chicken Broth Substitute

We often use Chicken broth in many homes to prepare a variety of meals. Chicken stock is simply water that has chicken simmered in it with additional onions, celery, carrots, and onions. If you have been using it recently, you might not have it anymore in the house. What if you don’t have access to a store and the dish needs chicken broth? If you don’t have your broth, these are the substitute chicken stock recipe that you can make from things in your kitchen. 

Substitutes for Chicken Broth in Common Ways

You don’t have to go shopping each time you need chicken broth. Here we discuss some great alternatives available that you could already have in your kitchen and can be used as a chicken broth substitute.

True chicken stock will make your dish taste the same as if you had used actual chicken broth.

Herb Water 

For your chicken broth alternative, you may use water with butter or simple water, but water combined with herbs is also an option. 

Simply add a few of your most fragrant herbs like thyme, oregano, tarragon, basil to the water and gently simmer for 10 minutes. 

Dried herbs are generally packed with more flavor and concentrated, so if you’re using fresh herbs, you’ll need to use three times the amount.

Chicken Stock

Chicken broth and chicken stock are often confused, but they can be used interchangeably. Chicken broth is made from the carcass of a chicken, but the substitute of chicken stock is only concerned with the meat.

The primary distinction between chicken broth and stock is that the broth becomes thicker as it cooks, while stock remains runnier till the end of the dinner. 

You can utilize the same quantity of stock as the amount of broth you would use. So, you do not have to worry about differences in quantities.


Do you want to add a minute umami taste to your meal but don’t know what to use? Dashi is not a well-known ingredient of Asia that may be purchased in either dry or liquid form.

It has a seafood-like aroma and flavor, but it may be used in a variety of dishes in which you need a strong flavor boost but aren’t sure about what to add.

Use only a little bit because too much can destroy a dish. Pour it into a small pot and heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Add a little water at one time until you’ve got the consistency you want.

Vegetable Stock

Vegetable stews are naturally lower in salt than most chicken stews since vegetables have less sodium content than meat. If you’re trying to limit the amount of salt, you can use this method. Vegetable broth is impossible to create because broth implies the presence of bones.

The vegetables consumed include required vitamins, enzymes, and minerals as well, allowing the finished soup or sauce to be more nutritious. 

Vegetable stock is also vegan-friendly since it does not contain any animal components such as dairy or meat. Vegetable stock is superior to chicken flavor anytime you’re preparing a meal for visitors and aren’t sure what they like.

Furthermore, because this stock is frequently boiled for a shorter period than most chicken stocks, it may be more palatable to individuals who suffer from food allergies. 

Carrots, stalks, garlic cloves, celery, onions, and green beans are some of the most frequent veggies utilized in vegan broth.



Perhaps you’ve never heard of aquafaba, and that’s reasonable since it isn’t very well-known. Even fewer people have used it in the kitchen.  

If you don’t have stock of chicken on hand, you may still make a delicious dinner by combining the liquid that you obtain from the can of chickpeas and beans with it to create a flavorful sauce.

There is more power in the starchy liquid than chicken stock, so you’ll need to make it dilute with equal amounts of water before adding it to your pot.

Not only is aquafaba suitable for replacing eggs in recipes, but it’s also a wonderful substitute for them while baking. 

Beef Broth

Because beef broth has deeper, more complex tastes, it is an excellent substitute for chicken.

Bone broth’s robust beefy tastes and umami complement the flavor of your meal in a way that no other ingredient can. Beef broth is more common than chicken in many countries, such as Vietnamese cuisine.

If you’re not trying to improve the flavor of your dish, you may dilute your beef broth with extra water. Although, you may also try using beef stock instead of beef broth, which will be a little less powerful. Beef stock or chicken stock may also be used in its place. 

If you’re using it as a 1-to-1 substitute, make sure the broth won’t overpower the dish by tasting it.

Coconut Milk

You would not always choose this option if you don’t have any chicken stock, but coconut milk can sometimes help. Because of their distinct tastes, Indian and African foods will go much better with rich coconut flavors.

You’ll need to be more careful about how much coconut milk you add to your dish since it will be sweeter. If you add a lot, it’s easy to wind up with a coconut milk-flavored dinner. 

If there is a dish that complements the flavor well, this is a good option to try instead of water. If not, it would be better if you just use water.

Granules of Chicken Bouillon

Chicken bouillon granules can be used as a tasty alternative to chicken stock. 

Chicken broth is a popular alternative to chicken soup, in part because it offers the same flavor profile. Even individuals who love chicken broth frequently prefer it to the real thing. For one thing, everyone doesn’t have the time to make it from scratch— purchasing granules is an easy method to get the same taste at a fraction of the effort!

Making life simpler doesn’t only save time for you; it also helps you avoid waste since homemade chicken stock will soon go rancid.

Granules are another excellent choice if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on chicken broth. They’ll provide the same great taste as dried-up chicken stock since they’re essentially dehydrated chicken broth.

You’ll like that it takes limited storage space in your kitchen, especially since it adds so much taste.

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