Sushezi Sushi Made Easy

Sushezi Sushi Made Easy – Don’t Bother Looking Any Further?

sushi-chef-sushi-making-kit[Updated 1 June 2020]I may as well say right at the start that I had no expectations of the Sushezi Sushi Made Easy, it looked like any other kitchen gadget, a lump of white plastic with knobs on. But we love sushi and would have made it more often if it weren’t for the rolling.

Okay, there are plenty of other ways to present sushi which just involve molding little rice patties and adding a topping, egg in my case.

But if you make sushi, you want to make maki (the sushi rolls) and I found it a pain for two reasons.

Firstly using a rolling mat does work – sort of. But I understand it takes seven years to train as a sushi chef so any optimism my sushi would roll up to anything approximating maki, was fantasy from the outset.

It is disappointing too, after the effort of getting the sushi rice to a perfect sticky consistency – by the way, you’ll know how perfect when it sticks to everything except what you want it to, including a greyhounds ears.

I simply couldn’t get the rolls tight enough to hold when cut, even into quite thick slices, so when they were cut, the outside began to collapse, with bits of rice and sushi filling falling out. Finger food? Don’t be silly, you needed a fork and spoon to eat these!

Ever Tried Washing Sushi Rolling Mats?

Secondly, with the rolling mat method, you have to wash it and believe me, washing a sushi mat is not for the faint-hearted or those short of time. Truly at the cost of them, you’d do better to but a new one each time. Yep, tried using cling film plastic between the rice and the mat, but the rice still ends up on the mat and it is the devil to shift.

So What To Do?

Not being a seasoned sushi maker, it was a bit of a surprise to find so many sushi rolling machines offered for sale, all of which seem to work differently. Reading reviews is always a good way to go and I got as far as the review which says – and I quote…

‘If you’re reading reviews then save yourself some time and just BUY IT’ (Jane)

sushezi-sushi-made-easy-300x199This followed plenty of other very happy customer reviews and I took her advice.

The Sushezi Sushi Made Easy looks like a small submarine and the inside tube like a boat. You lay the nori (seaweed sheet) to one side on a clean board, dampened down to make it easier to roll in a minute.


Try Banana With Wasabi

Next, you line the ‘boat’ with rice leaving room on the middle for the filling, add the strips of whatever you’ve prepared into the middle – avocado and banana with Wasabi sauce is delicious by the way.

Now add rice in over the sushi filling and push the boat into the submarine-shaped tube.

Then positioning the Sushezi over the nori, you insert the plunger and push all the way to force the perfectly formed sushi out. Its then a very easy job to gently had roll the nori around the rice.

So far this has worked 100% of the time, no mess, no mauled sushi either, just professional looking tight rolls that cut beautifully. Now, these you are happy serving up to friends, heck I’d be happy packing them up and selling them they look that good.

The only thing I can do here echoes the reviewer Jane in her comments. Don’t bother looking any further, if you want to make sushi that looks as good as it tastes without stress, mess, and fuss, this is the business and works every time. was started with the goal of being your go-to kitchen gadget resource. In addition to sharing up-to-date buying guides, product reviews, and how-to articles, we look to share healthy food recipes as well as tips for cleaning and maintenance, gift ideas, and many other useful ideas to decorate your kitchen with minimum effort and price.

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