The Snow Cone Machines Sale Is Always On

Snow Cone Machines Sale Offers Year-Round Bargains

[Updated 1 June 2020]This is one kitchen gadget you can always get an offer on – the snow cone machines sale is a perpetual year-round thing, probably because somewhere at least, it’s always hot. Snow cone makers aren’t expensive to buy at the lower end of the market anyway, and you can pick up either a Nostalgia Electrics or one of the ever-popular Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machines for about $40 or less.

snow-cone-machines-sale1-215x300But this time we really do need something bigger and sadly, quite a bit more expensive.

Last year I managed to lose ours in the cupboard and jam so much on it that it was in pieces – a triumphant find that lit up the kid’s faces. You just know when you should have kept your mouth shut and not shouted ‘got it’.

I replaced it with a Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine and for probably the first time ever was accused of actually taking my sisters advice – but it sure makes excellent snow for the price, worth a little taunting! But one hang up we have with it is it doesn’t serve anything like enough in hot weather, at the beach on holiday, or for summer parties.

If you’ve arrived here looking for a cheap snow cone machine for a small family to use this summer, then go have a read of the home snow cone reviews page where you’ll get the lowdown on those cheaper models mentioned above. Honestly, if you don’t want to cater in any number then one of these will do you just fine.

Commercial Snow Cone Machines Just Make More Snow!

Himself is planning a party for the start of July and consequently set me loose to do an initial run through of commercial machines and the price – not as bad as we’d thought. However, here’s the catch – you have to be careful of who is selling what and for how much.

One thing I’ve found more and more at Amazon is sellers setting up and setting their own prices for the same brand and model of product, the only thing different is the price and wow, can they be different, err as much as $100 different depending on what you’re looking at.

It’s true some of the ‘deals’ come with syrup and maybe accessories, but not $100 worth!

Snow Cone Machines Sale Prices Right Now Today

If you’re interested in the cheaper snow cone makers then you’ll find details and prices here. The three more professional ice shavers looked at in this post are currently on offer with

  • 59% off the Great Northern Premium Ice Shaver
  • 42% off the Commercial Electric
  • 21% off the Little Snowie

These are all substantial knockdowns.

Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Machine

Great-Northern-Ice-ShaverStarting with the Great Northern Premium Quality Ice machine, it is the cheapest of the three and probably the best value for money, but for us anyway, it has one major flaw and that’s the potential for the ice to come loose and fly across the room.

There’s too many kids and dogs around here to take the risk – its the only ice shaver I looked at where the ice is held outside a chamber, and that’s a shame. If that isn’t going to be an issue for you, which it isn’t for our friends (the ice has never come away on them, but it has for others), this would be my first choice.


Commercial Electric Snow Cone Maker

Commercial-Electric-Snow-Cone-Maker-170x300Whittled down to two good bets, though I like the Commercial Electric Snow Cone Maker Ice Shaver Machine (and it’s a lot cheaper), after a lot of comparing with the Little Snowie, I got to check the motor power and realized the Snowie is a 1,035 watt motor compared to the Commercial’s 200 watts. I can’t help but think the Snowie is a bit like our old Champion Juicer, built to last.

There is, of course, one difference, the juicer has a ten-year warranty and the Snowie only 1 year which surprises me. If it breaks down within 2 years there will be trouble at the price paid, but it’s a really solidly built bit of kit – yes, its arrived and we’ve tried it.


The Little Snowie

Little-Snowie-Shaved-Ice-MachineUnlike the Hawaiian you don’t need special puck shaped ice cubes, just the regular cubes will do fine – you’ll need to freeze down a lot for one of these if you don’t want to run out of ice, the Little Snowie seems to simple gobble it up. Actually, if you only want enough for three or four portions its gonna be a lot quicker to stick with the family sized machine, I reckon the biggie is only going to come out for family gatherings and parties.

The ice is divine, no two ways it is absolutely the best homemade snow cones we’ve ever got out of a machine and if you didn’t put the ice in yourself you really would think you were slurping real snow.

Neither of these snow machines is of truly commercial quality, they aren’t meant to be. But they are top of the range home snow cone machines and will cope with up to 100 servings a day (don’t believe what they say, you get far more).


Would I Recommend The Little Snowie To You?

The ice is awesome, really light and fluffy and it doesn’t turn back to chips the moment you add a topping – but this machine isn’t quiet, so don’t wait till the neighbors baby finally goes off to sleep to have your ice.

Other than that to be honest, we haven’t had it long enough yet to really be confident of a recommendation – I’ll update this after the party with a better feel for how many people it really will serve, but I do have a good feeling about it. I should do, it was the most expensive of the three options!

Thus far, we’re both impressed with what seems to be a very robust and powerful snow cone machine that makes wonderful sparkling white snow – so nice I’ve even had mine with just a squeeze of fresh iced lemon juice and a hint of mint – you should try it.

I guess, to sum up, I’d have to say that if you are looking for a new model, then take advantage now because although the snow cone machines sale really is an all year round affair, these discounts are as strong as any I’ve seen – we’ve been watching and waiting for a while.

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