What is the best syrup for snow cones?

[Updated 10 June 2020]The craving for icy treats or desserts arises as soon as the scorching heat of the sun starts showing its true colors. One of the perfect and timeless treats for summers is the snow cone. It has made a special place in the hearts of people around the globe. In this article, we have listed some of the best syrup for snow cones available for you.

Snow cones are simply a mixture of shaved or crushed ice and syrup, but it’s so refreshing as it blows off the steam, especially during the hot summer days. It is one of the hard to resist and a simple dessert that is loved by kids and adults alike. Besides this, it is also one of the most popular ice-cold treats during the crazy pool parties, get-togethers, picnics, etc. 

There are numerous mouthwatering flavors you can choose from, and if you have any doubts regarding which one to buy, then our selection of flavors will have something that can be perfect for every palate. 

Our Top 8 Snow Cone Syrups 

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Premium 3 Flavor Fun Pack 

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup comes in a pack of three amazing flavors and contains 473 ml each, which is good enough to make 24-30 6 ounces of snow cones. The three super cool fruit flavors- Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Grape are made using high-quality ingredients, and it’s completely vegan. One of the best things about these syrups is that it doesn’t contain any allergens like soy or wheat and also flour, eggs, and starch.  Besides this, it comes with 25 snowcones, 25 spoon straws, and 3 bottle pourers that are very useful. 


  • Vegan 
  • Perfect for people who are allergic to soy, eggs, etc.
  • Amazing and authentic flavors 
  • Value for money 
  • Thick consistency 


  • The cone cups are lousy 
  • Flavors slightly taste a bit artificial 


Time for Treats Snow Cone Syrup (Pack of 3)

The Time for Treats snow cone syrups comes in a 16.9 ounce that comes in a sturdy plastic bottle features an easy to use spill-free pour spouts. The pack of three consists of gluten-free fruit flavors, i.e. cherry, watermelon, and blue raspberry, which can also be enjoyed by the people with specific food allergies. One of the best things about these syrups is that it can also be used to make ice slushes, juices, and popsicles. The Time for Treats flavors has a long shelf life when kept away from direct sunlight and heat. 


  • Gluten-free 
  • Long shelf-life 
  • Apt for people with food allergies
  • Affordably priced 


  • Slightly watery 
  • Taste doesn’t match to the fruit base (artificial taste)


Amoretti Pack of 3 Premium 50ml Berry Syrups 

The pack of 3 Premium berry syrups from Amoretti boasts of amazing color and natural flavors, which is what we expect from the berries. The three flavors wild strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry are perfect iced teas, cocktails, soda, snow-cones, seltzers, etc. People who love making Italian style soda, smoothies, and milkshake should definitely try the berry syrups from Amoretti as they are naturally flavored. The Amoretti premium berry syrups are made in Southern California, and three natural flavors come in 50 ML bottles that are perfect for sampling and gifting.  The 50 ML bottle only allows a maximum of 3.5 servings per bottle. 

Best Syrup For Snow Cones_AmorettiPack3Premium50mlBerrySyrupsPros: 

  • Multipurpose use (perfect for creating bar drinks, iced teas,  sodas, etc.)
  • All the three flavors have an amazing taste 
  • Perfect for gifting 


  • Too thick (difficult to drizzle or evenly spread them on the ice)
  • Bottles are too small 
  • Perfect for sodas, iced teas, cocktails, etc. but now for snowcones
  • Not vegan


Jelly Belly Snow Cone Syrups 

The pack of two most amazing flavors, i.e. very cherry and berry blue by Jelly Belly snow cone syrups, comes in a 16-ounce bottle. The bottle features an easy to open and use flip-cap, which makes it easier for you to store them after use. One of the best things about these flavors is that they are gluten-free and safe for those people who are allergic to certain food. Besides drizzling these flavors on the snow-cones, you can also use them to make iced teas, cocktail drinks, soda, and lots more. 

Best Syrup For Snow Cones_JellyBellySnowConeSyrupsPros: 

  • Gluten-free
  • Easy to use Flip-top caps 
  • The thick consistency of the flavors 


  • Expensive when compared to competitors 
  • The cherry flavor gives an after taste of a medicine 


Snappy  Cherry Flavored 1 Gallon Snow Cone Syrup 

The cherry-flavored 1-gallon snow cone syrup by Snappy is perfect if you are organizing a big party as it can easily serve 128 servings of 6 ounces of shaved ice. One thing that you’ll love about this syrup is that it is has a long shelf-life, and it is easy to store as it doesn’t require refrigeration, just keep them away from direct sunlight. The naturally flavored snow cone syrup has a thick consistency, and you can add a little bit of water before using it. The Snappy Cherry flavored 1-gallon snow cone syrup provides value for money as it tastes amazing and is also affordable. 


  • Value for money 
  • Amazing taste 
  • Easy to store 
  • Thick consistency 


  • The container is too large to carry 
  •  Not so sweet (feels like sugar-free)

Buy it here: Snappy Popcorn Cherry Flavored 1 Gallon Snow Cone Syrup


Shave Ice 12.7 0z Pack of 4 Snow Cone Syrups

The Shave Ice snow cone syrups are made up of 100% corn syrup. The pack of four amazing tasting syrups that includes blue raspberry, cherry, orange, and grape comes in a 12.7oz bottle. The bottles feature a flip-top cap that allows you to pour and store the syrups easily. Besides this, the Shave Ice snow cone syrups have an amazing shelf life of two years. The syrups don’t require any refrigeration, but you have to store them in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. One best thing about these syrups is that they are ready to use and you don’t have to mix or dilute it with water, just pour it on the snow cones, and you can enjoy the amazing taste. 

Best Syrup For Snow Cones_ShaveIce1270zPack4SnowConeSyrupsPros:

  • 100% Corn syrup 
  • Flip-Top cap 
  • The amazing shelf life of 2 years 
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration 
  • Ready to use 
  • Amazing taste 
  • Affordably priced


  • You’ll have to use a substantial amount of syrup to get the best flavor 


Premium Snow-Cone and Shaved Ice Syrup 

The Premium Snow-Cone and Shaved Ice Syrups are made with 100% corn syrup and come in a 32oz quart bottles. One of the best things about this syrup is that it has the longest shelf life of three years, and it also doesn’t require refrigeration, all you have to do is to store in a cool and dark place, away from the sunlight. Besides the popular Tigers Blood flavor, Premium Snow-Cone and Shaved Ice Syrup also manufacture flavors like Blue Hawaii, Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, and others. The flavor not only tastes amazing, but it’s also ready to use; therefore, you don’t have to do the hard work of measuring and mixing. Besides the snow cones, the syrup can also be used to make cocktails, iced-teas, juices, Italian style sodas, and lots more. 

Best Syrup For Snow Cones_PremiumSnowConeShavedIceSyrupPros: 

  • The shelf life of three years 
  • Doesn’t require refrigeration 
  • Ready to use 
  • Amazing Taste 
  • Multipurpose use 


  • The quality could have been a bit better (Some flavors taste like cough syrup)


Polar Cones Premium 3 Flavor Variety Snow Cone Syrups 

Polar Cones is a brand of ‘The Great Northern Popcorn Company,’ which is known for providing high-quality products. Also, Polar Cones premium pack of three snow cone syrups are not only affordable but also provides great taste and color. The three amazing flavors Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Grape, come with a flip-top cap that makes it easier for you to pour the syrup. Also, the chances of leaks are negligible while storing them. There are also three different sizes available, i.e. quart, half-gallon, and gallon, that allows you to pick the one as per your requirement. Besides this, Polar Cones also produces amazing flavors like Tigers Blood,  Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, Bubble Gum, Lemon Lime, Strawberry, and lots more. One quart of these amazing flavors can serve up to 32 servings, and there’s no need to dilute or mix them. 

Best Syrup For Snow Cones_PolarConesPremium3FlavorVarietySnowConeSyrupsPros: 

  • Available in three sizes 
  • Affordably priced 
  • Ready to use 
  • Flip-top cap for easy dispensing 
  • The taste is amazing 


  • Flavors are too sweet 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it necessary to refrigerate snow-cone syrups?

No, it is not necessary to refrigerate the snow-cone syrups. If you want to enjoy the same flavor and consistency, you should store them at room temperatures. One thing that you’ll have to keep in mind is to keep them away from direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place. 

What is the shelf-life of snow cone syrups?

The shelf life of the snow-cone syrups depends from brand to brand; some may have a shelf life of six to nine months, whereas some may have a shelf-life of two amazing years.  Therefore it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s note or label properly before buying and before using the syrup. 

How much syrup should I use for snow cones? 

The amount of syrup you’ll require to get a perfect taste depends on the size and quantity of the shaved ice or snow cone. The quality of the syrup also plays an important in determining the use of syrup per snow cone. Some syrups may require fewer ounces, whereas some may require significantly more ounces.  Often, this depends on the thickness and taste of the syrups. But on an average, a six-ounce of snow cone will require an approximately one and a half-ounce of syrup to make your snow cones tasty and colorful. 

Is there any difference between flavor concentrates and ready-made snow cone syrups?

Yes, there’s a vast difference between ready-made snow cone syrups and flavor concentrates. This is because the ready-made syrups are ready to use, all you have to do is shake them well and just drizzle on the snow cones or shaved ice. But in the case of flavored concentrates, you will have to take the troubles of measuring and mixing the concentrates with water. 

But if you are a snow-cone business owner, it will be advisable to use the flavor concentrates as they will allow you to save a significant sum. You can easily save approximately 60-80% of the amount you are spending on the ready-made syrups. One of the positives of the flavored concentrates is that they are available in almost all popular snow-cone flavors. 

Can snow cone syrups cause allergies? 

Yes, snow cone syrups can cause allergic reactions. You’ll have to check the list of ingredients before buying a specific syrup, as some people may be allergic to a specific food product. Many people are allergic to soy, eggs, dairy products, etc. and there are many syrups available in the market that contains such products. 

Snow-cones are really loved by people not only because it soothes the inner soul of the body from the scorching heat of the summers but also because of its taste. The taste of these snow cones totally depends on the quality of the flavors you use, so it becomes extremely important to select the right flavors. Many people love snow cones but avoid eating it as they consider it unhealthy, but many brands are now making snow cone syrups that are gluten-free, natural, sugar-free, and healthier than ever before. So, what are you waiting for? Select the right flavor that soothes your taste buds and start enjoying the ever-popular snow-cones. 

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