How to make Snow cones Using Paper Scissors and Tape

Summers have no mercy, and what might seem a moribund day could be the delightful and merry one if one gets hold of a chilled, flavored, and icy-treat of Snow-Cones. Today, you will learn how to make Snow cones Using Paper Scissors and Tape by following the simple six steps mentioned below in this article

Snow-cones are a must-have while the sun scorches the bare skin. Be it a regular workday, a fine dining day, or a get-together, Snow-Cones have been the limelight of so many households.

PaperCupSnowConesAs straight-up sweet and tempting Snow-cones/Shaved-ice are as a dessert, their best use is a treat to beat the heat. It’s refreshing just to grab the snow-cup and start slurping the coolest beverage out there. But have you ever wondered why one should go for the paper cups?

Sure you can buy them at your local retailer, but making your own paper cups can be an escape. Making one needs a lot of patience and diligent work. You can’t just roll the paper and be done with it. Making paper cups is an art, and you’ll need 100% indulgence to make it in perfectly. You will probably end up making slushy and funny cups initially, but beware, the moment you get your first cone up and ready, it will be very hard to restrain yourself from experimentation.

Besides this, the plus side of it is that you will do your bit to make the environment safer for yourself and future generations. Doesn’t it terrify you to think of a world full of all non-degradable waste? Well, that’s what we thought. So we came up with an amazing way to help this noble cause. In this article, we will detail the steps and methods you can use to make your own biodegradable, environment-friendly, and super cool paper cups.

What you must have to begin?

Outlined below are a few steps that you can help you to make a snow-cones cup with ease. 

The Pentagonal method

Step 1

1_PentagonMethodPaperCupTake one parchment paper and cut out an 8” x 8” square from it. Cut out the left-over paper and discard. If you want to double the thickness of the cup, then you can use two sheets or papers as it will increase the capability of the cup to withstand the water. The parchment paper is 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long, so while cutting the paper, ensure that you cut the 11-inch side to 8-inch. If you are using grease proof paper, then it measures 15 x 15 cm, so cut both the sides to make it into 8 x 8-inch square. Use a ruler here to ensure accuracy. You can even use foil paper if you want as even it can hold liquid.

Step 2

2_PentagonMethodPaperCupNow fold the paper in half to create two equal triangles. Carry one corner of the paper over the other one and ensure that the rolled over part coincides properly. Press it down firmly and fold it. Here you’ll have to make the creases neat and strong. This step ensures that the paper cup keeps its shape when in use.

Step 3

3_PentagonMethodPaperCupAfter you are done with creating two triangles, fold the top of the corner and pull it till it reaches the base of the triangle. Here, firmly press it to create a crease. Once the crease is created, you can unfold or leave the paper-back to its original position.

The prime purpose of this step is to create a crease. Here the crease gets developed at the center of the base corner and the opposite edge.

Step 4

4_PentagonMethodPaperCupNow take the left corner of the triangle from the base. Pull the left corner to the opposite base of the triangle and line the tip along the other edge of the triangle, exactly in front of it. Push down this one too, press hard and create a crease, a well-defined one.

Step 5

5_PentagonMethodPaperCupNow repeat the same process for the corner that is leftover. Pull the right corner and drag it congruent to the left edge of the triangle and press it hard. Make the crease. You will now have your paper molded into a pentagonal shape. The paper cup is almost ready. Just a few nudges, and it will be ready to use.

Step 6

6_PentagonMethodPaperCupBy now, you will have a pentagon with a triangle on top and two triangles folded along the edges of the pentagon. The top part of the pentagon will have two flaps of the paper. Drag the flaps outwards, push them down, and press them hard to make a crease. This will give you an opening at the top of the pentagon.


Opening the cup, stabilizing it, and using it quench your thirst.

Part 1

Now either squeeze the sides of the pentagon to allow the mouth of the cup to open wide, or you can just grab the two sides and gently pull them apart to create the opening. Ensure that the cup is all open, drag the flaps on the top of the pentagon, pull them down, make a good crease at the edge of the opening.

Part 2: 

Now, You would want to squeeze in the sides of the cup to create an opening. While you are at it and the top of the cup is spread wide out, put your fingers in the middle of the cup and push your cup outwards from within. Once the cup takes its proper shape, press the edges firmly and create a strong crease and ensure that the cup stays open.

Part 3: 

At this time, you have something that looks like a cup, but I am not sure any structure can qualify to be a cup if it can’t be placed on the table. What you would now need to is to push the bottom of your cup inwards. Do it gently. You don’t want your efforts to get smashed in. The base is pointed in the corners and edgy along the bottom. It can’t be put upright. When you push in the base of the paper, you create a flatter base that synonyms with a circular base. This will allow you to place your cup atop the table and slurp your delicacies hassle-free.

Once the base is pushed in and flattened, it’s time to give the final touch, push the two corners of the base inwards, flattening them below the already flattened base. You can also use tape or glue to make them hold on together and provide you a sturdier cup. It is advisable to use one hand from within the cup to help in this flattening process and also to make it efficient. You can either hold it in your hand to eat the delicacies out of it, or you can push the base of the cup slightly inwards so that it can hold the liquid well. Pushing in the base will also allow you to place the cup on the table or anywhere comfortable and prevent it from tripping over.

Your cup is ready for use now, fill it with your favorite snow cone recipe, and enjoy the most out of it. But remember one thing, this cup is water-resistant and not watertight, so it is advisable to finish your shaved ice dessert within 30 minutes. The capacity of the paper cup to hold the liquid totally depends on the accuracy with which you made the cup.

Tip to take home:

Double your wax paper, don’t skimp on it. It will help you to make a firm and sturdy paper cup. The single-layered paper cup will be drenched by the melting ice, and it will become soggy. Paper cups have been to the aid of almost all beverage emergencies, and for something like snow-cones, they are the perfect fit.

Now it’s time to put some specialized effects on your cones. 

As mentioned earlier, making paper cups is an art, and thus has no restrictions on style and design. Awaken your inner creativity and have a go at it. Draw a pattern, paint on it, decorate it. Make butterflies or a rainbow, or use abstract designs on your cone. If you are shabby at something, use pencils, outline, and then fill them with colors of your choice. It would be best if you decorated your sheet before you mold it into a cone.

If you want your guests or your family members to be mesmerized just, let your imagination run with it. It will be a moment to savor as they lick down the sweet and cherry juices dripping from their snow-cones. The best part is that you need not wait for your Summer fairs & carnivals. You can start your party right in your home, whenever you feel like it. While everyone is busy looking for their favorite around the corner snack to beat off the rush and heat, you can start your snow-cone fiesta with minimum efforts.


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