There are many uses of a meat slicer in our kitchen. It is a great item to have in the kitchen and makes slicing foods easier. Meat slicers may be mistaken for equipment only available in butcher shops, but they’re useful to the home cook. A meat slicer may be used to slice many different types of food.

Easily Cut Fruits And Vegetables

Reduce the time it takes to chop your veggies or fruit by chopping them in advance. Slicing by hand takes a long time and frequently produces slices that aren’t uniform. Unfortunately, however, our meat slicers may cut through vegetables and fruits with the same ease as they can cut through any kind of meat. Uses of a meat slicer for:

  • Making a big salad
  • Preparing a fruit salad
  • Meal prepping for the week
  • Making a potato gratin
  • Cutting vegetables for a soup or sauce

Use your meat slicer for a long time, and the more you enjoy preparing and cutting fresh food, the more it will delight you. It’s worth noting that the meat slicer cannot cut through large seeds from avocado, mango, and other similar fruits. This exception also applies to bones.

Get Uniform Slices Every Time

Whether you’re slicing pork belly, deli meats, fresh bacon, or steak for sandwiches, it’s essential to ensure consistency. If you use your meat slicer to practice consistent slicing daily, you will notice a difference. You can prepare equal amounts of food with suitable portions and, most importantly, cook your meal evenly.

If you’re shopping for a meat slicer, there have several alternatives in the market. Our Big Bite Meat Slicer 10″ is a heavy-duty commercial grade slicer with a sliding carriage and food holder arm for consistently smooth and precise cuts. This product is capable of cutting materials from 1″ to 10″ thick. The Big Bite Meat Slicer 8″ has a strong induction motor and a long-lasting, smooth belt drive to provide plenty of torque for the toughest meats. Our slicers can handle harsh meats while still taking a delicate approach to cheese and bread loaves.

Take Care Of Your Meat Slicer, And Meat Slicer Will Take Care Of You

Take the time to clean your meat slicer as needed, and remember that you must take care of any food processing equipment. Bones, frozen foods, and non-food items should not be used in your meat slicer since they may harm the blade.

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